What to Expect

Initial Consult


On your Initial Consult, you will be required to arrive 10 minutes ahead of time to fill out some quick but informative paperwork that will assist your chiropractor with necessary information regarding your current pain or stiffness, previous health history, and overall well-being.


We will then take a thorough medical history before we carry out a non-invasive overall physical examination to determine the exact location and extent of the pain or stiffness and how you can be assisted with chiropractic care. 

If required you will be sent off for X-rays. If no X-rays are required, we will begin treatment immediately. 

Exercise Rehab (Second) Consult

On your second consult with us, you will be provided with an exercise rehabilitation program that will empower you to take control of your pain and progress. We will run through every prescribed movement with you to ensure that you are able to do the prescribed exercises properly and are happy and comfortable with what has been given to you. You are provided with videos, photos, and descriptions of these for future reference. We will also sit down with you and devise a plan together that will give you the best results moving forward. Treatment will also be provided on the second consult.

Subsequent Consults


If X-rays or other scans have been taken your chiropractor will explain the findings to you, otherwise, a short re-examination of your condition will be taken, a discussion on your exercises will be had and treatment will follow, with each treatment lasting approximately 20 minutes.